Our history goes back to 1846

We have been producing oats in Stangeland since 1846.  Today, three of us in 4th and 5th generation continue to operate in the spirit of our great-great-grandfather. Not that big, but proper. We always search for the best raw materials. Highest possible nutritional value and of course a great taste.

Marianne has production and purchasing as her task. She is a trained milling technologist from Switzerland , the only female miller in Norway. She has practice from large mills in the Alps and in Germany. Marianne is Stangeland Mølle’s Minister of Foreign Affairs – and is constantly on the move to make new contacts and get new impulses.

Father Øyvind is the general manager and involved in everything. He meets customers and suppliers, controls production and packaging lines and helps with loading and unloading trucks. Øyvind is where it happens!

The woman of order Hege runs the office. She makes sure that the orders are in order, the logistics goes as it should, invoicing and is the fire protection manager. If you call or send us an email, Hege is usually at the other end.

Since 1846

In the now so busy Oalsgata in Sandnes, Oalsbekken once ran free. The water came from an "olle" (Oalskjelda) which ensured a steady water flow throughout the year. A mill had been operating here since long before 1846, but this year the village mill started receiving oats from local farmers.

Fire, Fire!

There is a lot of drama in the history of Stangeland Mølle. Mills are firebombs. Hot, dry and dusty as they were. The mill burned down both in 1921 and 1924. In our new mill, everything has been arranged so that we can produce in a safe and sound manner. It commits to delivering oats to the people.

Stone grinder from 1927

In 1927, a new beautiful stone mill, produced in Germany, came to the mill in the middle of Sandnes. The stone mill is still in use, although the capacity is quite limited. But combined with new machines with top performance, the grinder has its mission. It preserves the identity, and it represents quality. Stoneground flours have a higher nutritional value than most other flours.

Once a year...

The old stone mill must be resurfaced at regular intervals. For several years, our grandfathers brother came to overlook the work. He had to be sure that the next generations had an eye for the stone pattern.

5th generation

With the exception of a year in the 80's, our family have run the mill until today. In the late 90's, Marianne joined the company. Hege followed in 2005.