Five types of grain are processed at the mill: oats, barley, rye, spelt and wheat. Most of our grains come from Odalen, Storhamar and Jæren, simply because we think the quality is best there. At Stangeland Mølle, we mainly use our self -produced flour, grinded on stonemills. In this way we ensure both nutritional value, good taste and not least Norwegian grains.


Cereals are one of the foods that give the least carbon footprint. In fact, cereals and cereal products are some of the most sustainable foods you can eat. We at Stangeland Mølle do not only focus on grain, we also focus on Norwegian farmers and Norwegian grain.

In our production we use the whole grain. The constituents of the grain that do not go to human consumption are utilized for animal feed. According to the UN’s sustainability goals, cereals and cereal products are the only food that can feed the population of the future. We can`t do it all alone, but together each one of us can make a difference!

We have faith in oats for the people.

Authentic is good

In grocery stores you will find a range of our products. At Stangeland Mølle we aim to produce  the highest quality of oats. A gold medal in Det Norske Måltid for our oatflakes, we have proven that we can compete at the top.

We use Norwegian raw materials, as far as possible. If we do not find the quality we are looking for in Norway, we import from quality suppliers around the world. Our desire is to produce healthy, clean raw materials for our customers.

We cheer for all the great Norwegian farmers!