Morning, lunch, snack. Fresh cereal with quality ingredients. Rich in fiber and good source of iron. Delicious with milk, yoghurt, Cultura, Biola or fresh berries.

Kvaliteten, ernæring og frisk smak

Stangeland Mølle has been in the service of oats since 1846, so this grain was a natural main ingredient when we developed our own cereal.

We chewed our way to a mixture based on quality, nutrition and fresh taste. Important nutrients such as iron (important for the immune system and brain) and fiber (good for digestion and energy) are well taken care of. We use naturally dried berries that have identical nutritional value as fresh berries.

We use currants and not raisins. All for the sake of quality! We think you can taste it too.

Ingredients: Oatmeal, currants, cornflakes (corn, sugar, salt and barley malt), rye, puffed rice, wheat germ, strawberries and raspberries.


Kan inneholde spor av sesam.

Energi 1437 kJ (339 kcal)

Protein 7,5 g

Karbohydrat 72 g, hvorav sukkerarter 18,8 g

Fett 2,3 g

Mettede fettsyrer 0,5 g

Kostfiber 7,2 g

Natrium 180 mg

Jern 2,1 mg (15 % av referanseverdi)

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